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U City is a vibrant, integrated community that brings together residential, social, commercial and community services to establish a sustainable, inclusive and thriving community in the heart of the city.

In our paint splattered community arts studio on Pitt St, artists work side by side in a space where they feel safe, supported, connected, and valued. A space where they can express themselves through art and conversation.  

As the Artist in Residence I work across multiple program streams and diverse communities, including the general public using the arts to help navigate and reduce anxiety, loneliness, mental health and physical health issues and improve emotional well-being.

In 2022 The U City Art Project won the Ruby Award for Outstanding Art Project or Event!

You always let us be completely ourselves no matter what that looked like. The messy, the ugly and the beautiful. You have always created such a safe space for us, and I know that for myself and a lot of the others this was the first safe place we have experienced.

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